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Who would not want to have their own roof over their heads? The Belgian loves his stone and 70% now has his own house, the highest percentage ever. To buy or renovate a property, housing loans are taken out, because life goes on and you don’t want to eat just fries every night. The key question is how you can get the most out of your mortgage. Well, that starts with the cheapest home loan. Did you know that lenders borrow at different rates? We list everything for you; then you can determine yourself whether a mortgage is for you.

Take out a home loan

Take out a home loan

There are a number of serious benefits that come with taking out a home loan. Not everyone realizes the tax, green and social benefits that you can get here. Take the eco-friendly or ‘green’ repair of a building. This concerns the implementation of energy-saving improvements of an (older) building, for example by installing roof or floor insulation, or insulation of external walls. New windows and technologies for generating heat (solar panels, heat pumps, etc.) also qualify as long as the improvement involves a certain percentage of energy savings. Premiums are often given for these types of adjustments. And in addition to being good for the environment, your electricity bills will also be a lot lower. You can then put that money in your own pocket.

A mortgage can also yield interesting tax benefits. When buying or building a house you can use the integrated housing bonus; that is a deductible item that you can apply to your personal income tax. In addition, premiums are still given for old houses when it comes to preserving a monument or heritage. But perhaps the most important thing is that by taking out a loan you can quickly afford your own roof over your head. So you don’t have to be bent over 20 years to save and you can just live on in the same way that you are used to.

Home loan advantage

Home loan advantage

The advantage of a home loan is beyond dispute, so the only thing you should pay attention to is which credit provider you take out the loan with. By comparing different providers with each other you quickly get a good picture of the best annual cost percentage (APR) of a provider. The APR is the total percentage of costs that you will pay in addition to the money that you borrow. The lower the better. If you compare the various providers, you can see at a glance who has the lowest APR and therefore has the lowest payment for your mortgage. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions of each provider.

You can request a free quote and you will be redirected to the relevant website. There is a simulation tool that you can use. By entering a few values ​​you can very quickly determine which provider you pay the least. And say for yourself: isn’t it nice to keep as much money as possible in your own pocket?

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