The secret to quickly calculate your mortgage!

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It’s time! After having lived in a student room for years, you are now ready for your own apartment. Or the relationship is going so well that you dare to buy a house together. Or maybe you want to restore that nice old house that you bought for a bite. The housing market is good, the interest rate is low, so what are you waiting for? Find the cheapest residential or mortgage loan! More information at

Buying, building or repairing a home is a big decision, and there are few people who can open their pouch to put the amount on the table in cash. But that is certainly no reason for you not to opt for a permanent roof over your head. The interest on loans has been low for years, so this is a good time to think about a home loan … or to get started right away and calculate your mortgage.

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

For a mortgage loan you usually go to a bank or other lender. It is very easy to quickly find out via internet what you will pay per month. You can calculate your mortgage via the so-called simulator tool that lenders have on their website. You can use it freely to make your calculations. With the simulator you can quickly determine the best mortgages and get the cheapest. In a large number of years that can save hundreds of USD, so do your homework (who is the lender, what are the conditions and the fine print, etc.) before you decide. Because in Belgium credit providers are required to clearly state all costs on the website (the annual percentage rate or APR), you will also not be faced with financial surprises.

A new place to live costs a lot of money, but in the meantime you just want to live on: eating out occasionally, having a holiday, the car that needs replacing and so on. Fortunately, you do not have to lie awake at night, because you can finance that major purchase with a mortgage. And you will fall out when you see how much you can borrow. The monthly installment amount depends on the term of the loan; This means that you pay more per month for a 10-year loan than for a 20-year loan because the amount is spread more in the longer term. Your final payment may be slightly higher than for a shorter period, but whether you feel it in your wallet ultimately depends on what you spend every month. Therefore first make a clear overview of your expenses.

Your dream house

Your dream house

For a home loan it is therefore important to find the company with the lowest APR by comparing them with each other, clicking on the name of the provider and using the simulator to see what your monthly payment is. That way you can very quickly choose a mortgage loan that fits your street. It is now made very easy for you to realize your dream house.

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