The complete guide to quickly borrow a mini loan at the lowest rate!

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It can happen that you suddenly need money urgently. All of a sudden the bill for your car insurance falls through your bus. That must of course be paid quickly, otherwise you have problems. Or in December your driver suddenly breaks down; then it is Siberian abandon in your cloak and winter bones around Christmas time. There can be a thousand and one reasons for which you suddenly need money. And if your bank account is just on the slim side, it can take a while to fill it up. But we have good news for you: borrowing money quickly is now easier than ever!

Standing in red on your current account is of course an option, but not a good idea. The interest that you will pay is often higher than for a loan from a bank or (recognized) lender. It is therefore often cheaper to take out a loan with a credit provider. There are quite a few differences in payment between money providers. If you log in to your computer, you will see that borrowing money quickly is possible at countless credit companies. Most credit providers are very reliable, but when choosing a credit provider check that they are approved. This means that he has received a license from the Belgian government for giving credit.

Mini loans

Mini loans

Mini loans for a new driver, washing machine, laptop, television or simply because you have to get through in the coming months are often already in your account after 24 hours. By comparing the providers online you can determine yourself who best fits your budget. The repayment usually takes place via direct debit. With an internet connection and a laptop you quickly know where you stand with a loan and the costs are good. A CPK check (Central for Credits to Individuals) is often not necessary for a small credit either.

It is therefore important to compare the various credit providers with each other. You can do that by viewing the APR (Annual Cost Percentage). These are the total costs per year (as a percentage) that you pay on top of the loan. The lower the APR, the cheaper the loan is at the end of the term. Also read the conditions of a loan carefully. Remember that there are often larger APR differences between mini-loans than for any other type of loan – that is because the loan is often low and often runs only over a short period.

Cheapest loans

Cheapest loans

You can find the cheapest loans in our comparison table. You can then surf to their website to request a quote via their simulation tool. Banks and other lenders offer you this tool for free on their website. Once you have entered the amount and duration of the loan, you know after a few seconds what you will pay off each month. You can close the mini loan immediately and 24 hours later: Voilà, Kassa! In our current age of technology and internet, it is now easier than ever to find the cheapest loan.

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