New Tariff Packages Are the Best Option to Optimize Costs

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The leading corporate bank in Azerbaijan, PASHA Bank, introduces new package of cash and settlement services for small and medium-sized businesses. For more information about this product, please contact Alexander Golovko, Director of PASHA Bank’s Small and Medium Business Department. We bring you an interview.

-If you would like to give a little detail about the new product – settlement and cash service pack.


-If you would like to give a little detail about the new product - settlement and cash service pack.


– PASHA Bank, which has always been in the market for the country’s banking sector, offers small and medium-sized businesses tariff packages for settlement and cash services that will optimize business expenses. The principle of operation of tariff packages can be compared with the principle of operation of packages offered by mobile operators. It should be noted that this service, which is actively used in many countries of Western and Eastern Europe, will also be of great interest in the local market. Thus, the various features of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as customer’s format of cooperation with the bank are taken into consideration in the preparation of tariff packages. Selecting a suitability package for a customer business will regulate the business with the bank and get all the necessary operations in one package.

– Initially, customers are offered five types of tariffs. The customer will be able to choose the most affordable tariff package for his business and pay for monthly service and use many services free of charge or at discounted rates.

– The new service is comparable to mobile phones offered by mobile operators. Tariff packages differ from each other by functionality. Each package includes transactions of certain types and volumes. Package price varies depending on the amount of services available to it.

– What are the advantages of purchasing customer tariff packages? What is the difference between the new service and standard offers?

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs choose one of their tariff packages and obtain a complex set of different types of operations. This simplifies and facilitates the selection of settlement and cash services. Customers are no longer required to compare and combine a large number of services and tariffs on them. When choosing operations in the package, we took our clients’ daily operations and learned the experience of foreign banks and conducted various surveys. The customer gets what he needs when choosing tariff packages. Packages that precisely combine all the important and necessary functions that cover business activities for the customer are very convenient. They are both easy to use, and also save money and time during financial transactions. These packages are fully in line with customer requirements and activity. At the same time, all customers who are connected to tariff packages are provided with internet banking service and 3 year corporate or merchant card.

– What operations are included in the packages?

- What operations are included in the packages?

– As I have already pointed out, the packages differ in their type and volume of transactions. Packages cover the most commonly used daily transactions by customers. These transactions include cash on hand, bank transfer in local and foreign currency, currency exchange, acquiring and so on. Let me tell you more about the features of each package. Initially, we divided into five groups based on the transactions they performed on the account and prepared a special package for each group.

The simplest of packages is “Classic”. This package is the most affordable option for business owners who have just started their business and have smaller transactions with the bank, including standard operations.


As it can be seen from the next “Electronic” package, it has been prepared for customers who prefer more domestic and non-cash payments. The third “Business” package. This package is similar to the “Classic” package for its type of operation, but it differs from the volume of transactions. Users of this package will be able to make large volumes of free cashing and domestic transfers.

The next customer group is the entrepreneurs who conduct foreign exchange operations in their operations. By choosing the package called “Active”, the group will be able to carry out both internal and external payments, as well as free exchange operations. The latest “Premium” package for the current date is the most appropriate choice for all customers who use large amounts of money. Compared with the other 4 packages, the amount and number of transactions included in the Premium package are several times higher.

– Which customers can use new tariff packages?

– A new approach to settlement and cash services is a personalized solution to small and medium-sized clients and is based on the responsibilities of each business considering the needs of each business. Our existing customers, as well as new customers, will be able to connect to tariff packages. The service fee will be different for existing customers to connect to tariff packages. The main advantage of the use of this tool for the entrepreneur is to focus on the most important strategic aspects of its business development. For example, this is a new page in the banking business and we build cash settlement services for small and medium-sized customers, proving their effectiveness in any area with a large number of clients, and over tariff packages. The customer needs to make a choice so that the choice is easy and understandable. Consequently, we are very pleased to introduce this service as the first of its kind in the Azerbaijani banking market.

– Is it possible to change the tariff package?

– We have taken into consideration the possibility of the customer choosing the tariff package. We understand that the business of some of our clients may be seasonal, or the business specificity may change for any reason. There is no problem in this regard, the customer may change the tariff pack at any time.

– Is there a fee for joining the packages or is it a regular payment?

– The first time you pay for the package, it is the right of the customer to pay. This process can be likened to opening a current account or connecting to a packet provided by any mobile operator. The customer joins the tariff package immediately chosen by lump-sum payment and receives the settlement-cash service provided by the bank. After that, the customer pays only monthly service fee for the package. These payments vary depending on the customer’s chosen package. .

-Does a customer have several packages? Will the tariff package, which the customer joins, cover all the bank accounts?

– There is no point in getting different packages. First of all, as I mentioned, the customer chooses the package that he needs. When connecting to any tariff package, the Client will be able to use all cash-settlement services, simply under different conditions – free of charge or within a certain limit. The problem is not only that we offer a customer more convenient service and savings on cash and settlement services, which is also beneficial for the Bank to work more efficiently. On the second question, the tariff package, which our customers have joined, is applied to all accounts in PASHA Bank.

– Did you mean that you have an individual approach to some customers while preparing your tariff packages?

– Of course, for us, each of our customers is very valuable, and each client’s request has been taken into account when preparing tariff packages. Package transactions cover the wishes of our small and medium-sized business customers.

– Did you mean tariff packages only for small and medium entrepreneurs? Can a large business use this product?

– In the first stage tariff packages are intended for small and medium entrepreneurs. In the future, of course, it is also planned to expand and expand the packages. Experience-oriented packaging products tend to be more susceptible to the massive segment, and this segment is the most appropriate solution for better quality service, given that more and more small and medium entrepreneurs are involved. That’s why tariff packages are required for both the bank and the KOS.

– Is it possible to use the internet account for transactions included in tariff packages?

– Of course, the creation and implementation of tariff packages is part of the bank’s digitalization strategy. Our global goal is to maximize and simplify customer-bank relations by using distance. Recent research suggests that customers will be able to set up a business as an Internet-based bank account online. That is why we attach great importance to both tariff packages and new products via internet banking.

– What can you say about the number of your clients? How long can their number be?

– Today I can say that the number of our small and medium-sized business customers is 3,000 and 100 new monthly customers start cooperating with the bank. We will not limit our work on settlement and cash services to current bundles because switching to tariff packages is simply changing the marketing model. Tariff packages provide both customer and bank convenience by segmenting customer requirements from the bank. We already have some new ideas to present to our customers because there are transactions that exceed the limits of daily banking. These include more focused solutions to credit operations or acquiring. We intend to make more interesting decisions in the form of packages for customers because today we see other segments as well. Therefore, we are already developing a number of ideas, and in the near future we plan to present it to our customers.

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