Individual Micro entrepreneur Loan – How Does It Work?

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How does the Itaú individual microentrepreneur loan work? Find out with this article! If the number of unemployed has risen in Brazil in recent years, the number of entrepreneurs as well. This was pointed out in a study by Unitfour that identified that the number of companies opened in 2016 grew 20% when compared to the year 2015.


How the Itaú individual microentrepreneur loan works


And when you open the company itself you can achieve some advantages. The services and package offered can vary in each bank, and Itáu works directly with a loan line aimed at the individual microentrepreneur. Stay within the services offered!

Itaú offers a product aimed at those self-employed, who are entrepreneurs and owners of small formal businesses. Both for those who have CNPJ or not. By chance, if you have a home-based business that works as a manicurist you can look for the bank and apply for the loan if you need it.

This service is called Itaú Microcredit and is an individual credit line aimed at professionals with a formal or informal business. And fortunately in Brazil the autonomous workers have different banks, where they can contract a credit for their enterprise, retirement, or even working capital and Itaú offers this service.

That’s because years ago the loan for freelancers were more restricted. However, today they are easier to enter into the economic system. And it is very good that several banks offer this credit because opportunely the country grows since the entrepreneur is a very important part of the national economy.

What you need to have access to the microentrepreneur loan 


What you need to have access to the microentrepreneur loan itaú


It is interesting to attend in person to an Itaú bank and take the following documents for the manager or responsible person to analyze your request:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of residence;
  • Extract from the account of the last two months (when you have a checking account);
  • Social Contract (when the company is formal);
  • CNPJ (when the company is formal);
  • Copy of the declaration of the Income Tax (when the company is formal);

And what credit values ​​do I get after my data is approved for an individual Itaú microentrepreneur loan? This varies greatly, but the bank discloses some amounts of credit that can vary greatly from the client. Being a good payer, it is very probable that the approved amount will be fast and requested as the customer wishes!

  • from R $ 400,00 to R $ 5,000.00 for first credit;
  • from R $ 400,00 to R $ 14,200.00 for renovation;

Payment methods may vary as well. The bank makes clear the following conditions:

  • up to 7 installments for working capital;
  • up to 15 installments for fixed assets;
  • up to 12 plots for renovation;
  • up to 12 installments for mixed credit .


Advantages of Itaú Individual Microentrepreneur Loan


Advantages of Itaú Individual Microentrepreneur Loan


By choosing Itaú to apply for credit it offers some advantages. First is that if you do not have CNPJ you will have no restriction. They analyze your request, that is, attend formal and informal business. Another advantage you do not need to have checking account.

Itaú also counts on the individual and personalized credit analysis service through the visit of a microcredit agent to its business.

To request the product you must attend an Itaú branch in the main cities of Brazil. You can also contact the service center at 4004-1937 and register your proposal! But we advise you to attend in person so that your doubts and questions are better clarified.

After you submit your proposal by chance, a microcredit agent will pay a visit to your venture. Subsequently, the proposal is sent to the credit committee. If approved, simply verify that the amount has been credited to your account, or even appear to an agency to make the withdrawal of the amount.

Even though today it is less bureaucratic to carry out an individual microentrepreneur loan, you as the owner of your business need to assess whether the credit you are applying for is important and will add to your business.

Do not borrow the individual Itaú microentrepreneur loan without first calculating whether you will be able to pay the installments. This value needs to be for something useful like acquisition of goods, replenishment of stock, expansion of the business, among others. If you have had the credit denied, be aware that each analysis is done in a particular way, to determine what the specific needs of this entrepreneur are. Good luck!


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