Month: April 2019

Angel Investor for Business Financing and Startups


        Having an Angel Investor for anyone who is getting started is not just a help is the hope of more prosperous days and a way to get your business to run full steam. Startups, Fintechs and companies with financial problems and beginners are always in need of resources to carry out […]

Factoring Financing for Consulting Firms


  Let us know more about financing in factoring – Technology consulting companies are often initiated by entrepreneurs with deep knowledge in their field of action and a history of corporate work. They usually start as professionals and then become independent. However, for the business to be successful, they usually add teams of people to […]

Individual Micro entrepreneur Loan – How Does It Work?


    How does the Itaú individual microentrepreneur loan work? Find out with this article! If the number of unemployed has risen in Brazil in recent years, the number of entrepreneurs as well. This was pointed out in a study by Unitfour that identified that the number of companies opened in 2016 grew 20% when […]